All of our engraving is done by physically machining designs into the aluminum. We do not use laser engraving methods which only mark a few thousandths of an inch into the surface.

To get a quote from us for your concept, we need for you to send us your artwork file(s). The actual cost of your engraving will depend on how "ready" your graphics are for machining. Some files we receive are already optimally vectorized and "ready to go," while other non-vector art we receive needs to be re-worked by us for programming into our CAM system. The file quality and design complexity always determine how much time is necessary to process the engraving.

You can have your BANE receiver engraved one of two ways. If we engrave after the anodizing process, your images and text will be the color of the aluminum showing through the hard-coating. This produces a nice high-contrast "silver on black" effect. Turn-around time this way is usually within a week.

If you want the engraving and the receiver all black, we will engrave your design into the aluminum before the hard-coating operation. The turn-around time with this method will be longer, as there is naturally a wait for the anodizing process after engraving.

Color-fill on lettering and logos is available, as well.

Take a look at some of the examples below, and email us your graphics along with your preference and ideas.
We will contact you with a quote based on this.

...Stay tuned to this page for some examples of custom 3D-relief engraving, coming soon...